Additional BUS power supply

3.6 A power supply, completely monitored. Low battery and AC voltage check. 1 OC output associable to event or programmable as remote command. 1 siren relay output associable to the areas. Battery disconnection relay in case of extended AC loss. Control and testing on BUS through LCD keypads. Provided with switching power supply.






Power supply Through switching power supply 13,8 Vdc / 3,6 A
Battery type and max capacity 12 V / 7 Ah – 12 V / 17 Ah
Max current on terminals 3 A
 Max current for battery charging 0,5 A
Max current for OC output U1 100 mA

F1 (battery fuse)                    T3,15A (delayed)

F2 (BUS terminal fuse)          F3,15A (fast)

F3 (output fuse)                     F3,15A (fast)

Internal fuses of switching power supply

FS1 (network input)                 F3,15 A (fast)

FS2 (output 13,8 Vcc)                    F6,3A (fast)

Low battery signalling voltage about 11,8 V
Battery off voltage about 11 V



11.022Additional BUS power supply