Modulo attuatore domotico luci dimmerabili

RS485 BUS actuator on DIN rail, programmable through Control panel Programming Software for rolling shutter or lighting control. Compatible with Amica control panels.

Version for rolling shutters: management of two rolling shutters with max 250 Vac-voltage and 10 A current. 4 NO outputs + 10 inputs for local opening/closing 1, stop and safety 1, local opening/closing 2, stop and safety 2, remote controlled opening/closing.

Functions: overvoltage protection and Soft-Start always active. Selectable Low Power.

Version for lighting control: management of four lights with max 250 Vac/250 Vdc voltage and 10 A current.  4 NO outputs + 10 inputs for Light 1 Switch/Dimmer, Light 2 Switch/Dimmer, Light 3 Switch/Dimmer, Light 4 Switch/Dimmer, Light 1 Button/Dimmer, Light 2 Button/Dimmer, Light 3 Button/Dimmer, Light 4 Button/Dimmer and two L1-L2-L3-L4 step-by-step buttons.

Overvoltage protection always active, AC Dimmer (Leading edge) and DC Dimmer (through 0-10 V voltage) to adjust the brightness, independently selectable for the 4 lights.














Power supply voltage 12 Vcc (11,8 ÷ 15,5 Vcc)

60 mA stand-by

200 mA with activated outputs (lights)

130 mA with activated outputs (rolling shutters)

Max alternating voltage on outputs 250 VAC – Frequency: 50 ÷ 60 Hz, +/-3Hz
Max direct voltage on outputs 250 VDC
Max current on outputs 10A
Insulation class

II (between each of the Output Terminal blocks and all other terminal blocks; between the Mains Terminal block and all other terminal blocks)

Rolling shutters:

-Max load:

– Max load with Low Power:


motor 2 kW (max current 10A)

920 W (max current 4A)


– Max AC load (no dimmer):

– Max DC load (no dimmer):





– Max AC load (with dimmer):

 – Max DC load (with dimmer):



2.3 kW (max current 10A)


10A for voltage ≤ 28 VDC

2A for voltage ≤40 VDC

1A for voltage ≤ 50 VDC

0,5A for voltage ≤ 100 VDC

0,3A for voltage ≤ 250 VDC


920 W (max current 4A)

There is no load limit for DC Dimmer outputs, as they are powered separately


on 9-unit DIN rail

Protection class



0 ÷ +50 °C

Humidity  95% max
 Sizes  160x97x62
Weight 270 g



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62.128Attuatore domotico su BUS per luci dimmerabili