Electro BUS

BUS RS485 actuator on DIN rail (9 units) for the control (ON/OFF) of four domestic loads with max. 250 Vac/250 Vdc voltage and 10 A current. Compatible with Amica control panels (64-128-324), endowed with at least one Simplya touch screen keypad.

The actuator measures the power absorbed and the energy consumed by each load. It is possible to program the maximum total power absorbed and set which load must be shed in case of overload.


















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Power supply voltage 12 Vdc (11,8 ÷ 15,5 Vdc)
Consumption with deactivated outputs

50 mA 

Max consumption with all deactivated outputs 200 mA
Max alternating voltage on outputs 250 VAC – Frequency: 50 ÷ 60 Hz, +/-3Hz
Max current on outputs 13.1 A
Max power per each output

3,0 kW

Max error on power measurement

+/-3% +/- 30W

 Resolution of power measurement  10 W
Insulation class

II (on the section of Output terminals)


for 9 unit-DIN rail

Protection class



0 ÷ +50 °C

Humidity  95% max
Sizes  160 x 97 x 62
Weight 270 g





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62.140Electro BUS Modulo domotico per controllo carichi