Velar – 868 MHz DT curtain detector with anti-masking

868 MHz curtain infrared detector for the internal protection of doors and windows. Double technology (PIR+MW) with anti-masking on IR section. Coverage beam selectable at 2,5 or 5 m. Auxiliary input programmable as alarm zone or through string roller shutter detector with digital pulse counter.

It is possible to bypass the microwave when the system is disarmed or to disable it permanently from keypad or Control panel Programming software.

Monitored. Lithium battery provided.








Sizes 138 x 22 x 24 mm
Operating temperature -10 °C / +50 °C
Battery 3.6 V lithium AA
Battery length about 24 months (Batt. 2700 mAh, optimal radio range, 4 activations/day)
Stand-by consumption 30 µA
Protection class IP44
Modulation  FSK
Range (free field) 200 m
Operating frequency 868 MHz (3 channels)
TX max power (EIRP) 10 dBm
RF sensitivity -112 dBm
Microwave frequency 24.2 GHz (band K)
Microwave radiation lobe (@3dB) 116° horizontal view – 43° vertical view





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62.278Velar - white
62.279Velar - brown
61.839Spare lithium battery 3.6V 2700 mA