Konnex IP interface

CVX-KNX is an IP interface for Konnex systems. It permits to manage the control panels compatible with Amicaweb IP module (Amica and Wilma) through the KNX standard. The two-way device allows both to connect the KNX system to the control panel events and to send commands to the control panel upon request.

The programming can be carried out through specific software (gateway KNX physical address programming, parameters of the gateway network interface, communication ports between the control panel and the KNX system).

Through the KNX bus, it will be possible to send the zone status, alarm memory, area status, output status.

The sending of these data to the KNX bus can be done periodically, upon request or for a status change. So the control panel can receive commands from the KNX devices in order to carry out area arming/disarming, output activation/deactivation, zone bypassing/unbypassing etc.

DIN guide mounting.





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62.124CVX-KNX IP Interface