BUS actuator for rolling shutters and lights Copia Copia

BUS RS485 actuator in 504-type box. It can be configured via Control panel Programming software for rolling shutter or lighting control.

Version for rolling shutters: management of one rolling shutter with max 250 Vac-voltage and 10 A current. 2 NO outputs + 6 inputs for local opening, local closing, remote controlled opening, remote controlled closing, stop and safety. Overvoltage protection and Soft-Start always active. Selectable Low Power.

Version for lighting control: management of two lights with max 250 Vac-voltage and 10 A current. 2 NO outputs + 6 inputs for Light Switch/Dimmer 1, Light Switch/Dimmer 2, Light Button/Dimmer 1, Light Button/Dimmer 2 and two step-by-step buttons L1-L2. Overvoltage protection always active, AC Dimmer (Leading edge) and DC Dimmer (through 0-10 V voltage) to adjust the brightness, independently selectable for Light 1 and Light 2.








Power supply

12 Vcc (11,8 ÷ 15,5 Vcc)


50 mA (max 200 mA with activated outputs)

Max alternating voltage on outputs

250 VAC – Frequency: 50 ÷ 60 Hz, +/-3Hz

Max continuous voltage on outputs

250 VDC

Max current on outputs


Insulation class

II (for Output Terminal section)

Rolling shutters:

– Max load:

– Max load with Low Power:


engine 2 kW (max current 10A)

920 W (max current 4A)


– Max AC load (no dimmer):

– Max DC load (no dimmer):





– Max AC load (with dimmer):

– Max DC load (with dimmer):


2.3 kW (max current 10A)

10A for voltage ≤ 28 VDC

2A for voltage ≤40 VDC

1A for voltage ≤ 50 VDC

0,5A for voltage ≤ 100 VDC

0,3A for voltage ≤ 250 VDC

920 W (max current 4A)

There is no load limit for DC Dimmer outputs, as they are powered separately

Protection class



0 ÷ +50 °C


 95% max




120 g





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