Micro Shutter Actuator – BUS actuator for rolling shutters

RS485 BUS home automation module 12 V, with reduced sizes, to be installed in 503-type box, compatible with suitable Combivox control panels. Adapt for the control (opening/closing) of motorized utilities (rolling shutters, curtains) at 230 Vac. Partial Opening/Closing, by gradual steps of 10%, with opening status displayed on local keypad (Simplya) and on APP Simplya Cloud.

Micro BUS zone expansion: 1 bistable alarm input for NC/NO contact, pulse input for string rolling shutter detector. Local control through buttons, touch screen keypads or keyfobs; local and remote control via Cloud through Simplya Cloud APP.









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Power supply

from 11 VDC to 13,8 VDC


25 mA stand-by

45 mA during opening/closing

BUS type


Opening/closing activation

Mechanically locked

Number of opening/closing cycles


Isolation SELV/BT

Opto-isolator and relay

Actuator protection from 230 Vac circuits

delayed 8° fuse

Connectable motor voltage

230 Vac

Connectable motor power

230 Vac 

max 300 VA

300 W with power factor 1

240 W with power factor 0,8

180 W with power factor 0,6

Protection class



5 ÷ 45 °C

 Sizes (LxHxW)

 78x35x16 mm


32 g






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62.134Micro Shutter Actuator - BUS actuator for rolling shutters