Built-in thermostat module

Built-in thermostat module on RS485 BUS compatible with Amica control panels equipped with at least one Simplya keypad. Thanks to more than one thermostat module, it is possible to control the air conditioning system (warm-cold) of one or more environments in single-zone or multiple-zone security systems.

Moreover, through Amica control panel equipped with AmicaWeb, it is possible to control the air conditioning system also via LAN/Internet (ON/OFF, temperature adjustment) via any device (PC, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and Android Tablet).

Available in the Living International series or in the just-board version to be mounted in any kind of wall box.






Power supply 12 Vcc (11 – 14 Vcc)
Consumption 15 mA max
Max current on O.C. outputs 100 mA
Operating temperature 0° C / +50 °C
Reading accuracy ±1 °C




65.963Thermostat module - Grey
65.961Thermostat module - White