Two-way BUS receiver on 868 MHz band for Amica, Elisa 24 and Eva 8.24 control panels, 2012 edition.
It can manage up to 64 transmitters and 32 keyfobs. Transmitter programming through code entering (via software and/or keypad) or through self-enroll. Displaying on LCD keypad of the signal intensity and of a possible RF disturbance signal per each transmitter. It is possible to set the operating frequency via software or keypad. Low battery check and failed periodic test check per each transmitter.



Power supply 12 Vcc (11 – 14 Vcc)
Max consumption 75 mA
Operating frequency 3 channels on 868 MHz band
Modulation FSK
TX max power (EIRP) 10 dBm
RF sensitivity -112 dBm
Max current on U1 output (OC) 100 mA
Max current on relay output 5 A
Operating temperature 0 °C / +50 °C



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