SIRYA – BUS outdoor siren


Sirya Outdoor is the new RS-485 BUS siren whose parameter programming and alarm/fault signallings can be completely managed by the control panel.
With its innovative design, Sirya has been developed by Combivox R&D team. Made of ABS and endowed with polycarbonate flashing led. It contains ultra bright LED circuits. The electronic circuit is treated with a special anti-humidity resin, while the internal cover is made of steel with anti-drilling and anti-breakage functions.
Sirya is endowed with an exclusive protection system (anti-foam – anti-approach – anti-drilling) against any attempt of sabotage, made up by a circuit with a sensor able to detect the approaching and the touching. The device is able to detect the presence of both adverse weather conditions (intense rain, hail, humidity) and the presence of animals. It is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the anti-approach system and/or the bypassing through a command by control panel via RS-485 BUS through programming software.

Available in the colours white-red, grey-smoke grey and red-red.





Nominal power supply 13,8 Vcc ± 2 V

1,6 mA max in alarm status

400 mA max while charging

30 mA in stand-by

Sound level 103 dB (A) at 3 m, 110 db at 1 m
Tone sound frequency 980 – 2600 Hz
Protections anti-approaching / anti-drilling
Alarm signalling 4 different tones each with 2 different flashes
System armed signalling programmable in 4 different modes
Signalling by keyfob programmable in 3 different modes
Protection class IP 44
External environmental conditions -25 °C / + 60 °C
Battery type and max capacity 12 V / 2,2Ah
Sizes (H x L x W) 311 x 225 x 92 mm
Weight (without battery) 1520 g





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61.045White Sirya Outdoor siren with red flashing unit
61.047Grey Sirya Outdoor siren with smoky grey flashing unit
61.049Red Sirya Outdoor siren with red flashing unit