Sirya – Sirena Stand-Alone Outdoor

Sirya Stand-Alone is an outdoor siren with Combivox design for the connection to any control panel. 

Sirya Stand-Alone is made of ABS and is endowed with polycarbonate flashing led. It contains ultra bright LED circuits. The electronic circuit is treated with a special anti-humidity resin, while the internal cover is made of anti-drilling and anti-breakage steel.

4 programmable sound tones. Protection through a detector able to detect approaching and touching with specific output. Anti-removal tamper with specific output. Dedicated output for fault signalling (battery fault, speaker fault). Signalling of system ON/OFF status through specific input. 

Available in two colours: white-red, grey-smoky grey.








Power supply 13,8 Vcc (13 ÷ 15 Vcc)

max 1,6 mA in alarm status

max 400 mA while charging

30 mA in stand-by

Sound level 103 dB (A) at 3 m, 110 db at 1 m
Tone frequencies 1380 ÷ 2100 Hz
Protections anti-approaching / anti-drilling
Alarm signalling 4 different tones, each with 2 different flashes
Input 1 for system armed signalling
Outputs 3 of NC-type for tamper, anti-approaching and battery fault
Protection class IP 44

Operating temperature:

– Temperature

– Humidity

-25 °C ÷ + 60 °C

95% max

Battery type and capacity 12 V / 2,2Ah
Sizes (H x L x W) 311 x 225 x 92 mm
Weight 1520 g (without battery) – 2400 g (with battery 2.2 Ah)
Security grade 2 (according to EN 50131-4)
Environmental class IV (according to EN 50131-1)





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61.056Sirya Stand-Alone Outdoor - white siren with red flashing led
61.057Sirya Stand-Alone Outdoor - grey siren with smoky grey flashing led