Smartweb is the new network interface on RS-485 BUS for the connection and the management of Combivox control panels Amica, Elisa, Eva and Wilma, both locally through LAN network and remotely via INTERNET.

Through a properly configured router, the module permits the technical programming both locally and remotely by software and the User management (anti-theft, home automation and video surveillance functions), via web browser and through the exclusive APP Simplya Smart for Smartphones. 
Smartweb is also an expansion module with 4 alarm zones and 2 outputs, freely configurable.
From the LAN network (locally or via the Internet), the device is seen as WEBSERVER exactly as a WEB site with which it is possible to interact through easy-to-read pages.

Exclusive function of direct visualization of up to 16 IP cameras on web browser or by APP Simplya Smart.

It also permits the connection between a Combivox compatible control panel and the new Simplya Video keypad (Combivox Wi-Fi Wan module is also necessary for the installing).







Power supply 12 Vcc (11 – 14 Vcc)
Consumption max 80 mA
Wired inputs

4 (NC, NO, BAL, DBAL, TBAL fault/masking)

8 with TBAL zone doubling

Outputs 2 programmable relay outputs
NC, NO relay outputs max 3A for router reset with no DSL line
NC relaty output max 3A for Combivox Wi-Fi module reset 

A and B RS-485 BUS terminal blocks

LAN connector

USB connector

Compatible control panels

Amica, Elisa, Eva, Wilma

Sizes (L x H x W in mm)

165 x 135 x 42




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