Unica PRO, new LCD keypad on RS485 BUS for all Combivox control panels.

LCD display with 2 lines for an intuitive menu; 4 signalling leds; microphone-loudspeaker for voice menu; 1 alarm zone (NC, NO, SING. BAL.) on board and integrated proximity reader for arming/disarming functions and macro activation. Endowed with bracket with plug-in circuit for connection to the BUS and for a fast and easy installation.

Exclusive ultra-slim design with top quality finishes, adapt to be used in any residential or commercial environment.

Available in three different colours “White, Black and White and Double Black“. In the “Black and White and Double Black” versions, when the display is off, it becomes a typical Italian design object, blending in with elegance with the environment in which it is installed. An exclusive aesthetics and technological solution in the category of security keypads.





Power supply

12 Vcc


250 mA 


2-colour LCD display with large characters

Max number of usable keypads

It depends on the control panel used (max 14)

Sizes (L x H x W)

120 x 155 x 30 mm





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15.984LCD keypad Unica PRO White
15.985LCD keypad Unica PRO Black and White
15.986LCD keypad Unica PRO Double Black