Voice and data (ID contact) phone dialer for PSTN line.

The device allows to send (on PSTN line) both digital alarm signallings to alarm receiving centers and speech messages (max 5) to up to 9 telephone numbers if one of the 4 inputs goes into alarm or in case of battery fault.

4 OC outputs programmable as remote commands to switch on/off air conditioning, heating or alarm system: one of the inputs can be used as feedback input, by signalling remotely the system status (on/off).
Battery status check through a message of battery fault to specific telephone numbers previously programmed.
Local programming by embedded keypad and microphone through the voice menu and/or remote programming by any telephone (also mobile phone), after entering a password.






Power supply 13,8 Vcc
Consumption 50 mA
Alarm inputs 4 NC inputs
Telephone numbers 9 numbers that can be associated to messages
Speech messages 4 msg of max 20 sec each related to inputs + 1 for battery low
Telephone numbers of alarm receiving center 4
Data format  Ademco Contact ID, Express, Surgard and Combivox Multilink
Remote command messages 4 freely programmable messages
Telephone line check 1 of the OC outputs available can be activated in case of AC loss
Type of selection pulse and tone
Alarm block locally through block terminal, remotely through DIMF tones
Protections against overvoltage
Remote command 4 OC outputs (100 mA)
Sizes (L x H x W) 240 x 265 x 63 mm




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11.007PSTN phone dialer