Whenever cabling is impossible, COMBIWIRELESS comes to the rescue with a solution integrating the traditional wired anti-intrusion systems and a wireless system in 868 Mhz band, with a wide range of devices. COMBIWIRELESS is a stand-alone bi-directional receiver with automatic frequency skip function; able to manage up to 64 wireless monitored sensors and 32 key fobs (cod. 62.073).
8 open collector outputs expandable to 40, through 4 8-output expansions (cod. 11.892) on RS485 BUS.
On the RS485 BUS it is also possible to connect up to 2 optional signal receivers (cod. 61.018) that can extend the range of the system.
Programming via LCD keypad and/or via PC through software.
It is possible to use the keypad to check the wireless range of each detector and to detect all possible RF disturbances. All the outputs are freely associable to the wireless detectors (8 on Combiwireless + 32 on 4 external modules on BUS).
Up to 32 Combivox 868 Mhz key fobs programmable with selective configuration of the 4 keys for arming/disarming, status check and output activation.
Moreover, there is an additional output to arm/disarm the system with dedicated status input.
A TAMPER output is activated in case of tampering (missed communication) of the module on BUS (output expansion or additional receiver) and of masking of the wireless signal. It is possible to associate each detector to 2 arming groups (Group A and Group B) selectively activatable through key fob (partialization).
A memory is available for events such as low battery, missed communication (up to 1024) and there is a memory for alarm signals that are exclusively detected when the system is armed (up to 4096).
The following Combivox wireless detectors for indoor and outdoor use are available:
– transceiver with reed + 1 auxiliary zone;
– tenda infrared + 1 auxiliary zone;
– glass break detector + 1 auxiliary zone;
– indoor volumetric infrared detector;
– outdoor perimeter infrared detector (12 m. and 24 m).
The bi-directional key fob has 4 keys, also programmable for partial arming/disarming (Group A and Group B) and/or to activate the output for the arming function.





61.018 Ricevitore 868 per Combiwireless

868 Mhz satellite receiver for Combiwireless

62.013 Timoteo IN-W 868 IR volumetric detector

Timoteo IN-W 868 MHz

62.058 Magnet for transmitter (white)
62.057 Magnet for transmitter (brown)

Magnets for transmitters

62.069 Door/window contact 868MHz (white)
62.070 Door/window contact 868MHz (brown)

Timoteo CMRB and CMRM door/window contact

62.078 Wireless PIR curtain detector (white)
62.079 Wireless PIR curtain detector (brown)

868 MHz wireless curtain PIR detector

62.274 Iubeo 868 two-way keyfob

Iubeo 868 Mhz two-way keyfob

62.278 Velar - white
62.279 Velar - brown
61.839 Spare lithium battery 3.6V 2700 mA

Velar – 868 MHz DT curtain detector with anti-masking


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61.028Ricevitore Bidirezionale Stand-Alone