Timoteo CMRB – CMRM 868 MHz

Two-way door/window contact with dual channel (2 different zones in the control panel). Endowed with reed + 2 additional inputs. Possibility to use the reed + 1 input, freely configurable as alarm zone (NC) or through string roller shutter detector with digital pulse counter. Possibility to use the 2 inputs (reed bypassed) as separated zones, freely configurable as NC zones or NC zone + string roller shutter detector with digital pulse counter. It transmits two different information to the control panel so to manage two different zones.

Monitored, lithium battery provided.








Sizes 40 x 89 x 30 mm
Inputs reed + 1 (NC and/or string roller shutter detector). 2 (NC or 1 NC + 1 string roller shutter detector, reed bypassed)
Operating frequency 3 channels on 868 MHz band
Modulation FSK
TX max power (EIRP) 10 dBm
RF sensitivity – 112 dBm
Range (free field) 200 m
Operating temperature -20 °C / +50 °C
Battery 3 V lithium CR123A
Stand-by consumption 3 µA
Average battery life about 30 months (Batt. 1440 mAh, optimal wireless range, LED disab. and 4 activations/day)





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62.069868 MHz door/window contact white
62.070868 MHz door/window contact brown
62.058White magnet
62.057Brown magnet
61.847Spare lithium battery 3V 1200mA CR123A