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Elisa 24 LTE



11.958 (Elisa 24 LTE) 799,00

Elisa 24 LTE is the new alarm control panel with an integrated cellular module in LTE band (4G), ideal for small- and medium-sized residential and commercial security systems and for the management of some home automation functions. Elisa 24 LTE meets the requirements of EN 50-131 and is able to manage from 8 to 24 detectors, also programmable as wireless zones.

As per Combivox tradition, the control panel is endowed with a rich User guide menu by keypads and remotely by phone; possibility to customize the speech labels for event, area and zone, programming them by keypad and/or by control panel programming software through Text to Speech function. Elisa 24 LTE has a new speech menu Audio PLUS, with a 24bit/16 kHz codification for a quality audio reproduction by keypads and audio module for key readers.

Management of 6 independent arming areas. Wired outputs (O.C. and relay) that can be associated to events or commands; up to 4 events for outputs and up to 3 events for home automation modules associated to multi-event (mode AND + OR).

The control panel can be managed locally by RS485 BUS keypads, keypads on LAN network, by key readers and two-way keyfobs.

Possibility of automatic acquisition of the zone balancing. Free configuration of the zone balancing values both on the control panel board and on dedicated output expansion modules.

4G dialer (integrated) and LAN IP module (optional) for the sending of alarm and special messages (tampering, GSM fault, AC loss, etc,), speech, Contact ID, SMS, IP digital messages (SIA DC-09) and e-mail with area, zone and event identification.

Remote management and programming by the installer via LAN/INTERNET (with Smartweb module) or via Combivox Cloud through control panel programming software.

Remote user management by phone via speech menu and Combivox Cloud by Simplya Cloud APP (connection through LTE module or LAN + DSL module) for the management of Alarm, Home automation and Video surveillance functions.

Management of up to 8 RS485 BUS modules to control lights (ON/OFF and Dimmer) and motorized devices (rolling shutters, curtains, etc.). Possibility to configure macroes for a simplified management of Alarm and Home automation functions.

Video surveillance function: direct visualization (via web and APP) up to 16 IP cameras through LAN modules.

Dati Tecnici

Switching power supply 100-240 Vca; 13,8V 2,6 A
Battery 1 da 12 V – 7Ah
Max current available 2,4 A
Board consumption 200 mA
Zone type 8 (NC, NA, BIL, DBIL,TBIL/guasto/accecam.)
RS 485 serial lines 1
Max number of zones 24
Max number of on board zones 8
Expansion modules (inputs, outputs, wireless) 2/2/2
BUS detectors 24
Areas 6
BUS Keypads 4
LAN keypads SI
Dialer 4G LTE integrato
Proximity readers 4
LAN IP Module SI
IP Video Unit SI
RS485 BUS home automation modules 8
Proximity key users 24
BUS keypad users 32
Telephone numbers 12
Event log 1024
Max number of outputs 16
BUS (outdoor/indoor) sirens 2
Remote management Da APP/tramite menù vocale/SMS
Communication port USB 2.0
Weight (without battery) 2,700 gr
Control panel box (LxHxW in mm) 290 x 320 x 85


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