Control panel with 8 zones, expandable up to 24, programmable (even all) as wireless zones, ideal for small- and medium-sized residential and commercial security systems. 6 arming areas, USB port and independent high-speed RS485 BUS for the connection of external modules. Up to 16 wired outputs (OC and relay) that can be associated to events or programmed as remote commands.

Embedded GSM dialer to send speech, SMS and digital messages with event, area and zone identification. Speech message programming by keypad, by PC microphone or directly through software via “TEXT TO SPEECH” function with a speech processing system developed by Combivox with voice selection (google, loquendo, at&t, etc.).

Audio surveillance and chime function.

User management by keypad, proximity reader, or via web browser or APP through optional LAN IP modules (Smartweb).

Remote management and programming by the installer via INTERNET (with Smartweb module). User remote management by mobile phone through interactive speech menu, SMS and via web browser and APP through Smartweb LAN IP module for IP camera visualization, area arming/disarming, video-alarm on alarm zone, system status questioning, etc.

Video surveillance function: direct visualization (via web and APP) up to 16 IP cameras through LAN modules and pre-event and post-event recording with Simplya Video keypad.







Switching power supply 100-240 Vac; 13,8V 2,6 A
Battery 1 12V – 7Ah battery
Max current 2,4 A
Board consumption 200 mA
Zone type NC, NO, BAL, D. BAL, Timoteo
BUS power supply 2 (3,6 A)
RS 485 serial lines 1
Impianti 1
Max number of zones 24
Max number of on board zones 8
Max number of wireless zones 24
Areas 6
Keypads  4
Proximity readers 4
Smartweb IP LAN Module on RS485 BUS  YES
Proximity key users 24
BUS keypad users 32
Amica Web Plus Module
Dialer Embedded GSM dialer
Telephone numbers 12
Event log 1.024
Max number of outputs 16
Remote commands (speech, SMS) 28
BUS (outdoor/indoor) sirens 2
Communication port USB 2.0
Weight (without battery) 2,700 gr
Control panel box (LxHxW in mm) 290 x 320 x 85




15.954 Unica LCD keypad

UNICA LCD keypad

15.963 Simplya PRO keypad - White
15.964 Simplya PRO keypad - Black

Simplya PRO



62.027 Timoteo Wind XT-W

Timoteo Wind XT-W

62.013 Timoteo IN-W 868 IR volumetric detector

Timoteo IN-W 868 MHz

62.058 Magnet for transmitter (white)
62.057 Magnet for transmitter (brown)

Magnets for transmitters

62.069 Door/window contact 868MHz (white)
62.070 Door/window contact 868MHz (brown)

Timoteo CMRB and CMRM door/window contact

62.078 Wireless PIR curtain detector (white)
62.079 Wireless PIR curtain detector (brown)

868 MHz wireless curtain PIR detector

62.082 Shock detector (white)
62.080 Shock detector (brown)

Timoteo SRB – SRM 868 MHz

62.269 868 MHz door/window contact with magnet (white)
62.270 868 MHz door/window contact with magnet (brown)
61.839 Spare lithium battery 3.6V 2700 mA

Microtacto – door/window contact

62.274 Iubeo 868 two-way keyfob

Iubeo 868 Mhz two-way keyfob

62.278 Velar - white
62.279 Velar - brown
61.839 Spare lithium battery 3.6V 2700 mA

Velar – 868 MHz DT curtain detector with anti-masking

62.280 Vibro 868MHz - white
62.282 Vibro 868 MHz - brown
61.839 Spare lithium battery 3.6V 2700 mA

Vibro – 868 MHz antishock detector



61.041 Mini Sirya Indoor su BUS
61.051 Mini Sirya Indoor Stand-Alone

SIRYA – BUS Indoor siren Copia

cod. 61.045 (White Sirya Outdoor siren with red flashing unit)
cod. 61.047 (Grey Sirya Outdoor siren with smoky grey flashing unit)
cod. 61.049 (Red Sirya Outdoor siren with red flashing unit)

SIRYA – BUS outdoor siren

61.050 Sirya outdoor wireless - white siren with red flashing led
61.052 Sirya outdoor wireless - grey siren with smoky grey flashing led

SIRYA – OUTDOOR wireless siren

cod. 61.056 (Sirya Stand-Alone Outdoor - white siren with red flashing led)
cod. 61.057 (Sirya Stand-Alone Outdoor - grey siren with smoky grey flashing led)

SIRYA – Stand-Alone Outdoor siren



11.012 Micro alimentatore supplementare su BUS

Micro alimentatore BUS

11.022 Additional BUS power supply

Additional BUS power supply

11.890 BUS output expansion module

Output expansion module

11.904 RS485 BUS input expansion module

Input expansion module

61.019 BUS receiver

868 MHz receiver on BUS

cod. 65.900 (Proximity key reader for adapter RJ45 - black)
cod. 65.901 (Proximity key reader for adapter RJ45 - white)

Proximity key reader



11.907 4-channel relay board

4-channel relay board

11.985 Combivox Wi-Fi Wan module

Combivox Wi-Fi Wan module

cod. 15.128 5-m extension cable
cod. 15.132 10-m extension cable
cod. 15.134 15-m extension cable

Antenna extension cable

59.040 Dual Band stylus antenna (900 - 1800 MHz)

Dual Band stylus antenna (900-1800 MHz)

59.042 Dual Band magnetic antenna (900 - 1800 MHz)

Dual band magnetic antenna (900-1800 MHz)

59.893 Additional box for power supply and 2 expansion boards

Additional box for power supply and 2 expansion boards

59.904 ABS box for expansion modules

ABS box for expansion modules

61.900 (white)

Sound module for key readers

61.942 2.0 USB cable

2.0 USB cable

61.952 ABS proximity tag
61.962 Black leather proximity tag

Tag for proximity readers

61.955 (Isocard Transponder)


70.122 (Combivox Home Suitcase)

Combivox Home demo suitcase

71.121 Control panel programming software

Control panel programming software



11.935 Smartweb


Simplya Smart APP - Free download from reserved area

Android Simplya Smart APP


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11.996Elisa 24 GSM