The lift emergency device MicroLift Call (also available in button panel) is the ideal answer to the EN 81-28 regulation and to the EU Directive 95/16 of the European Parliament, establishing the obligation to equip lifts with bi-directional communication means permanently connected with an emergency service.
MicroLift Call is a bi-directional communicator making it possible for a passenger blocked in a lift to send a voice call for assistance to a help center, also activating a loudspeaking communication.
MicroLift Call sends emergency and flat battery messages to a help center.

The device can be programmed to send digital emergency messages (emergency, flat battery and periodic test); a voice periodic test message is also available.
MicroLift Call, with its small dimensions, can be easily installed behind the button panel of the lift, has an embedded microphone, loudspeaker and the clamps for all possible connections.
After sending the message, the device activates the loudspeaking system to communicate with the blocked passengers; the duration of the loudspeaking communication can be set freely.
If the line drops, it is possible to call remotely and reactivate the loudspeaker; in such a case a warning message is heard (privacy law).
The telephone numbers, the messages and all the parameters can be programmed remotely, via any keypad telephone, through voice menu.


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31.640Dispositivo bidirezionale di emergenza per ascensori