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Midya LTE

LTE Control panel 6 zones, 3 Areas



11.962 Midya with LTE module 475,00

Ideal control panel for small security systems. 6 zones, individually configurable (5 on the control panel + 1 on the keypad): possibility to program the zones as TIMOTEO (Combivox DT detectors). In this way it is possible to manage separately “alarm”, “tampering” and “masking” information through the sending of different speech and SMS messages. Endowed with embedded GSM dialer to send speech and SMS messages customizable according to event (up to 6), area (up to 3) and zone (up to 6) and programmable by keypad, by PC microphone or directly through software via “TEXT TO SPEECH” function. Digital dialer. Special predefined speech and SMS signallings (module tampering, zone masking, battery low, AC loss, AC restore, etc.). 3 independent arming areas. 2 outputs (1 OC + 1 relay) that can be associated to events or remote commands (speech, SMS and CLIP zero cost). Local arming by keypad through speech menu and/or by RS485 BUS key reader. Remote user management through simple speech menu or via SMS for area arming/disarming, questioning of system status and alarm event log, forced arming, bypassing of fault zones, activation of command outputs, etc. Local programming by keypad through speech menu for the recording of the dialer messages and/or through PC via USB 2.0 port and programming software.

Dati Tecnici

Switching power supply 100-240 Vca; 13,8 V 2,6 A
Battery 1 da 12V – 7Ah
Max current available 2,4 A
Board consumption 200 mA
Protections Limitatori di corrente e sovratensioni sulle zone
RS 485 serial lines 1
Max number of zones 6
Max number of on board zones 5
Zone type NC, NA, BIL, Doppio BIL, Triplo BIL per Timoteo
Areas 3
Keypads 1
Proximity readers 2
Proximity key users 8
BUS sensors 5
BUS keypad users 8
Dialer LTE integrato
Alarm and status messages fonia, SMS, Contact ID, Cloud
Event log 512
Max number of outputs 2 (OC e relè )
Remote commands (speech, SMS, web) 2
BUS (outdoor/indoor) sirens 2
Communication port USB 2.0
Weight 2.400 gr
Control panel box (LxHxW in mm) 260 x 250 x 80


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