Multilingual GSM phone dialer with integrated antenna, able to send 4 speech alarm messages (that can be recorded by embedded microphone or through “text to speech” function”) and 4 SMS messages that can be sent to up to 16 telephone numbers.

4 alarm inputs and 2 O.C. outputs programmable for remote commands and/or fault signallings. Output activation through voice menu, via SMS or CLIP function (zero cost ring). 16 telephone numbers and 32 user codes. Anti-panic, S.O.S. and anti-jammer function.

Automatic management of SIM prepaid card (credit left and SIM expiry) and summer/winter time. Up to 256 events in the event log, with alarm call outcome and time scheduler with up to 6 different schedules (activation of boiler, irrigation system, lights etc.).

Local programming by keypad with LCD display and intuitive menu (telephone number programming, time scheduler, codes, etc.) and by PC through specific software.

Remote user functions through voice menu and/or via SMS for system status check and remote commands.










Power supply 12 V (nom.); 11,5 V to 13,8 V

80/500 mA with peaks up to 2 A


 anti-opening and anti-removal

Keypad alphanumeric keypad with 20 keys
Display LCD display with 2 lines x 16 characters
Inputs 4 N.C., N.O. and N.U.
Outputs 2 O.C. (100 mA)
Speech messages 4 msg of max 15 sec each, 1 anti-jammer msg of max 15 sec  
SMS messages 4 msg of max 100 characters; 1 anti-jammer msg of max 100 characters
Event log 256 events with date/time
Remote management through speech menu, SMS messages and/or zero cost CLIP function
GSM functions credit and SIM expiry check
GSM module Dual Band Module 900/1800 MHz
Case plastic case for wall fixing
Sizes (L x H x W) 138 x 155 x 34 mm





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