Phone dialer with integrated 4G module (LTE) for speech signallings, SMS, Cloud, e-mail and IP digital signallings (SIA IP DC09). It can be used both in the Security field and in Technological systems for home automation and remote control.
Endowed with 6 terminals freely configurable as inputs (NC, NO and NU) for alarms or for outputs to be used as commands.

Event log with 256 events divided by time and date, storage of 16 phone numbers. Endowed with 1 technical code for programming by keypad and PC (locally and remotely), 1 Master code and 32 user codes for remote functions through speech menu and via Cloud by Simplya Cloud APP.

External LTE antenna with possibility to extend the signal strength through a 5, 10 or 15 m- extension cable and specific antenna.

Local programming via keypad with LCD display and intuitive menu (programming of phone numbers, time scheduler, codes, etc.) and by PC via dedicated software CombiTEC (mini USB-port).

Remote programming via connection to the Combivox Cloud, via CombiTEC software or via CombiAPP app. Device constant monitoring, with notification in case of prolonged disconnection due to a failure or tampering attempt (Anti-jammer – Cloud connection with PREMIUM service).
User remote functions via speech menu (new Audio PLUS) and via SMS. 

User remote management via Simplya Cloud APP through Combivox Cloud connection, in FREE mode (only one user for arming/disarming in case of connection to one control panel) and in PREMIUM mode to receive alarms and to manage the functions (please refer to the website for details on the Cloud fees).



Power supply

12 V (nom.); from 11,8 V to 14 V


100/550 mA with peaks up to 2 A


 anti-opening and anti-removal


alphanumeric keypad with 20 keys


LCD display with 2 lines x 16 characters


6 programmable as inputs (NC, NO and NU) or outputs (OC- 100 mA)



Alarm messages

speech, SMS, Cloud, e-mail and digital IP (SIA IP DC09)

Speech messages

6 of max 15 sec each

SMS messages

6 of max 100 characters

Event log

256 events with date/time

Remote control

through speech menu, SMS messages and/or zero cost CLIP function,

Simplya Cloud APP

GSM functions

credit and SIM expiry check + access to Combivox Cloud

Cloud connection

Via 4G module in FREE or PREMIUM mode

Local technical programming

– by keypad;

– via mini USB port and CombiTEC software.

Installer remote control

– via Cloud and CombiTEC software;

– via Cloud through CombiAPP.

Cellular module

4G-LTE (2G-3G)


plastic case for wall fixing

Sizes (L x H x W)

138 x 155 x 34 mm


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11.6284G phone dialer