Simplya Cloud APP


Simplya Cloud is the APP for iOS and Android Smartphones that permits an integrated management of Alarm and Home automation functions of one or more Combivox control panels configurated through Combivox Cloud services, and Video surveillance functions (IP module + DSL and public static IP address or with DDNS service is necessary, free Combivox DDNS available).

Simplya Cloud can be used with Combivox control panels connected to the Cloud through LAN module + DSL or GSM/GPRS module with a data-enabled SIM card (at least 100 Mb/month) or via COMBIVOX SIM CARD (data+voice+SMS).

Thanks to the interface with icons, based on the same platform of Simplya keypad, Simplya Cloud permits a simple and intuitive access to all the functions. Through the APP, the user will receive push notifications real time in case of alarm and fault or system status change; the user will be able to manage home automation functions such lights, rolling shutters and climate control. Moreover, by creating some predefined macroes, it will be possible to carry out an automatic and sequential execution of Intrusion and Home automation functions (CLOUD PREMIUM or PREMIUM SIM service).

Simplya Cloud APP permits the connection of up to 16 ONVIF 2.0 IP cameras for each system configured to carry out live visualization or video verification in case of alarm (function available with Amicaweb Plus or Smartweb module + DSL).


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