Simplya Smart Android APP

Simplya Smart is the APP for Android Smartphones compatible with Smartweb and Amicaweb Plus network interfaces (DSL connection with public static IP address or with DDNS service is necessary, free Combivox DDNS is available) for an integrated management of Anti-theft, Home Automation and Video Surveillance functions.


Simplya Smart Android for Smartweb is able to manage up to two Combivox control panels through a permanent connection (h24). In this way, the APP permits to receive the system status, alarms and special signallings on event through instant PUSH notifications. It is possible to manage up to 16 ONVIF 2.0 IP cameras for the live visualization and the exclusive VIDEO ALARM function: indeed, it is possible to associate the alarm zones to the cameras. In case of control panel event the APP is immediately able to view the camera of the alarm zone and to record up to 30 second-video directly on the Smartphone memory (function available except for certain restrictions of the Android version installed).


Simplya Smart Android for Amicaweb PLUS is able to manage up to two Combivox control panels through on Demand direct connection. Thanks to the interface with icons, that has the same platform as Simplya keypad, it facilitates the access to the Anti-theft, Home Automation and Video Surveillance functions. 

It is possible to configure up to 16 ONVIF 2.0 IP cameras for each system for the live visualization or video verification in case of alarm.


APP Simplya Smart Android





Supported systems max 2

Camera support:

– direct connection:

   – protocol:

   – video codification:

   – ONVIF support:

– Recordia Plus connection:


max 16 IP cameras




max 16 Combivox IP cameras

Videoalarms on event

max 30 seconds

video format: MP4

max number of contemporary recordings: 4

storage in internal/external memory

System requirements Android version 3.0 or superior




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