Sirya Sound Plus PRO CTW

Combivox 868 MHz two-way curtain detector with Triple Technology (2PIR + MW), fully designed by Combivox R&D team. Ideal for outdoor perimeter protection of windows, dormers, skylights and wall facades with more openings, thanks to the detection range that reaches up to 12 m if installed at a height of 2,4 m. Coverage angle 13°.

Endowed with lens anti-masking function on IR section through active IR-circuit. The detector is equipped with MEMS accelerometer against any attempt of burglary or detachment from its housing ensuring maximum reliability and easy installing, eliminating the classical problems of electromechanical systems related to the imperfections of the surfaces and weather conditions.

Possibility to bypass the MW, totally or in case of disarmed system.

IR-sensitivity adjustment on two levels through DIP-switch and MW-sensitivity adjustment via Trimmer. Through specific adjustments, if installed at a height of 1,2 m, Scudo WT is able to operate also in the presence of small animals (PET IMMUNE).

Inhibition time: about 2 minutes. Equipped with Lithium battery (battery life: at least 2 years) and bracket for lateral wall mounting.










Power supply

Battery pack with spare Li-Ion connector 3.6V 2600 mA type AA

Battery average life

2 years

Stand-by consumption

30 µA

Consumption during transmission

35 mA max

Sleeping time

120 sec

Max detection range

12 m

Detection range reduction

Through mechanical shift:

– 12/9/6 m for installation at 2,4 m

– 9/6 m for PET Immune installation at 1,2 m

MW frequency

24,125 GHz

TX power (EIRP)

10 dBm max

Coverage angle


ME sensitivity

Adjustable with trimmer 

Detection speed

from 0.3 to 2.0 m/s

PIR detection sensitivity

2.0°C to 0.6m/s


active for lens contact masking

Installation height

Usually 2.1-2.4m (1-1.2 m with PET IMMUNE function)

Operating mode

programmable through dip switch

Radio frequency

3 channels on 868 MHz band

Radio communication mode


 Radio range

100 m (free field)



TX max power (EIRP)

10 dBm

RF- sensitivity

-112 dBm


ABS; UV-resistant; UV-resistant Fresnel lenses

Fixing type

With protection cover, on a wall that is parallel or perpendicular to the access area

Security level


Operating temperature

da -15°C a +55 °C


220 gr (with battery)

Sizes (L x H x W)

65 x 170 x 78 mm




62.330Sirya PRO Sound Plus CTW outdoor bianca con lamp. rosso
11.035Alimentatore switching 220/13.8 V 1A