Tauro IR CTW

Two-way passive infrared detector on 868 MHz band. Wireless transmission with automatic search for the channel available. Detection range 15 m at 90° with possibility to select, through pulse counter, the detection sensitivity. Keepalive report at regular intervals every 25 minutes. Programming through enroll or by entering a univocal identification code in the control panel.







Sizes 60 x 110 x 45 mm
Operating frequency 3 channels on 868 MHz band
Modulation FSK
TX max power (EIRP) 10 dBm
Wireless range 100 m (free field)
RF sensitivity -112 dBm
Battery 3 V lithium CR123A type (Duracell DL123A)
Consumption 10 µA in stand-by
Sleep time 2 minutes

Fresnel lens with 18 beams on 4 side views with look down zone

Detection range 15 m – 90°

Operating temperature 0 °C / +50 °C
PIR sensitivity selectable through pulse counter




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62.306Infrarosso volumetrico indoor Tauro IR CTW
61.847Batteria ricambio a Litio 3V 1200mA CR123A