Power supply n. 2 Lithium batteries 3 V 2/3 A
Stand-by consumption 35 µA

Transmission consumption

40 mA max

Sleep time

3 minutes after alarm transmission
Max. detection range 15 m 
Microwave frequency 24,125 GHz (K band)
Power (EIRP) 10 dBm
PIR section double infrared detector, low consumption, with embedded UV-filter, temperature compensation and additional LPF filter
Max. opening of IR upper lens 108°

Max. opening of IR lower lens

Radiation lobe (@3dB) 80° horizontal view / 32° vertical view
Microwave sensitivity adjustable through trimmer 
Functioning mode  programmable through dip switch
Operating frequency 3 channels on band 868 MHz
Modulation FSK
TX max power (EIRP) 10 dBm
RF sensitivity -112 dBm
Range 100 m (free field)
Case UV-resistant ABS; UV-resistant Fresnel lenses
Fixing direct wall fixing, with protection cover and/or through swivel
Protection class IP54
Operating temperature -15 °C +55 °C
Sizes (L x H x W) 51 x 162 x 48 mm



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62.200Timoteo BUS