Timoteo DT

DT wired volumetric detector (dual PIR and microstrip microwave 10,25 GHz) for a professional and civil use. Detection range up to 12 m. 2 different detection modes on two sensitivity levels, that allow to choose the most appropriate one, for the best ratio between maximum detection capacity and low possibility of false alarms. TIMOTEO is endowed with “BLIND” programming mode, to prevent tampering on the infrared detector lens. Functions available: alarm memory and Microwave synchronization.

The balancing resistors (embedded on the board) are compliant with Combivox control panels, to facilitate the connections in case of zones programmed as BAL. Timoteo is endowed with wall or ceiling mounting bracket.




Power supply 12 Volt ±30%

max 40 mA

stand-by 20 A

Microwave strip 8 dBm 10.525 GHz
Alarm time 3 sec
RFI Immunity 0.1 / 500 MHz 3 V
Solid State Relay 100 mA / 24 V
Cover Tamper  100 mA / 30 V
Operating temperature -10 °C / +55 °C
Humidity 95%




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