Timoteo Wind Indoor

DT indoor wired curtain detector (PIR + MW 10,25 GHz), for a professional and civil use. Ideal to protect openings like doors, windows, hallways and glass walls with a coverage angle of 140° for 15° at 4-m height (12 beams of 15° + MW). The intrusion is revealed when both detection technologies (PIR + MW) are activated (AND); this allows to guarantee high security and immunity to false alarms. Balancing resistors on board. Available in two colours (white and brown).





Power supply 12 Volt ±30%

max 40 mA

stand-by 20 mA

Microwave strip 8 dBm 10.525 GHz
Alarm time 3 sec
RFI Immunity  0.1 / 500 MHz 3 V/m
Operating temperature -5 °C / +55 °C
Humidity 95%
Sizes (L x H x P) 110 x 25 x 30 mm




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62.012White Timoteo Wind Indoor
62.014Brown Timoteo Wind Indoor