Timoteo Wind Outdoor

Indoor/outdoor perimeter curtain detector with Triple Technology, 2PIR+MW (24.1 GHz). Detection range adjustment of MW and PIR from 6 to 12 m x 2.7 m. Anti-masking function on MW and PIR with specific output. Integrated balancing resistors, that can be selected through jumpers. Mounting height: from 100 to 250 cm from the floor. Double bottom with rain cover. PET IMMUNITY.





Power supply 12 volt ±30%

max 70 mA

stand-by 60 mA

Microwave 24.1 GHz
Alarm time 3 sec
Solid State Relay 100 mA / 24 V
Cover Tamper 100 mA / 30 V
Operating temperature -10 °C / +55 °C
Humidity 95%
Protection class IP54
Weight 380 g
Sizes (L x H x W) 65 x 148 x 43 mm




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