868 MHz wireless control panel ideal for rapid installings on small-sized security systems and on mobile vehicles (camping vans, boats, etc.). It is embedded in an LCD keypad endowed with microphone and loudspeaker. Inside there is the electronic board with GSM module (alarm and status speech messages, SMS, ID Contact digital messages, digital messages with specific IP protocol) and two-way 868 MHz transceiver. The internal lithium-ion battery guarantees up to 15 hour-autonomy in case of prolonged AC loss.
18 zones of which 16 wireless + 2 wired (NC or NO) for passive contacts. 1 Master code + 6 user codes by keypad and up to 8 keyfobs for arming/disarming operations and command activation.
2 relay outputs (NO) + 1 OC output, that can be programmed for a control panel function (alarm, arming/disarming, remote command, panic function, etc.). 1 output 5 V for a specific indoor wired siren (cod. 61.033).

SMA connector for GSM external antenna. It is available in the kit and compatible with all Combivox Wireless 868 accessories.







Power supply (wall socket/built-in)  external 220 V 5B 2.0 A
Backup battery lithium-ion battery 3.7V 2400 mAh – included
Max number of zones 18 (16 wireless + 2 wired)
Max number of on board zones 2
Max number of wireless zones 16
Areas 3
Systems 1
Antenna integrated or external (SMA connector to connect an extension cable)
Codes 1 Master + 6 user
Proximity readers
Proximity key users
SMS messages 6 alarm messages
Speech messages 6 event + 3 area + 18 zone + 1 user messages

Embedded GSM/GPRS

ID Contact on GSM audio channel

TCP/IP on GPRS network (proprietary protocol)

Event log 1.024
Max number of outputs

2 relay (NO) max 60 Vac 500 mA + 1 OC (max 100 mA) programmable

1 output 5V for dedicated wired siren

Keyfobs 8 two-way keyfobs with 4 keys
Wireless (outdoor/indoor) sirens 2 sirens that can be associated to the areas
Control panel box (LxHxW in mm) 155 x 135 x 45






61.004 Wireless repeater

868 MHz wireless repeater

62.013 Timoteo IN-W 868 IR volumetric detector

Timoteo IN-W 868 MHz

62.058 Magnet for transmitter (white)
62.057 Magnet for transmitter (brown)

Magnets for transmitters

62.069 Door/window contact 868MHz (white)
62.070 Door/window contact 868MHz (brown)

Timoteo CMRB and CMRM door/window contact

62.078 Wireless PIR curtain detector (white)
62.079 Wireless PIR curtain detector (brown)

868 MHz wireless curtain PIR detector

62.082 Shock detector (white)
62.080 Shock detector (brown)

Timoteo SRB – SRM 868 MHz

62.117 Wireless module for Wilma Micro

868 MHz wireless module with 2 relay-out for Wilma Micro

62.269 868 MHz door/window contact with magnet (white)
62.270 868 MHz door/window contact with magnet (brown)
61.839 Spare lithium battery 3.6V 2700 mA

Microtacto – door/window contact

62.274 Iubeo 868 two-way keyfob

Iubeo 868 Mhz two-way keyfob

62.278 Velar - white
62.279 Velar - brown
61.839 Spare lithium battery 3.6V 2700 mA

Velar – 868 MHz DT curtain detector with anti-masking

62.280 Vibro 868MHz - white
62.282 Vibro 868 MHz - brown
61.839 Spare lithium battery 3.6V 2700 mA

Vibro – 868 MHz antishock detector



cod. 61.025 (Wireless Indoor siren with white ABS unit)
cod. 11.035 (Switching power supply 220/13.8V 1A)
cod. 61.835 (Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 3.7 V 1200 mAh)

SIRYA – wireless indoor siren

61.050 Sirya outdoor wireless - white siren with red flashing led
61.052 Sirya outdoor wireless - grey siren with smoky grey flashing led

SIRYA – OUTDOOR wireless siren



15.236 Cavo prolunga SMA 5 m
15.237 Cavo prolunga SMA 10 m
15.238 Cavo prolunga SMA 15 m

Antenna extension cable Copia

59.355 Antenna LTE con staffa

Dual Band stylus antenna (900-1800 MHz) Copia

61.942 2.0 USB cable

2.0 USB cable

71.121 Control panel programming software

Control panel programming software


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70.146Wilma Micro II - New Kit
11.042Built-in 220V 5V 2A power supply optional
11.040Spare wall socket power supply 220V 5V 2A
61.833Li-Ion 3.7V 2400 mAh spare battery