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11.968 Wilma PRO Control unit 510,00
11.965 Wilma PRO Video Control unit 615,00
70.968 Kit Wilma PRO Control unit – Tauro IR, Tacto with magnet, radio control Iubeo PRO 715,00
70.965 Kit Wilma PRO Video Control unit – VideoTauro IR, Tacto with magnet, radio control Iubeo PRO 879,00

Hybrid control unit (Radio + BUS), built on the exclusive 868 MHz CTW (Combivox Turbo Wireless) Wireless platform. Available in the Wilma PRO version for managing CTW wireless detectors and accessories and Wilma PRO Video for managing radio photo-detectors (VideoTauro CTW).The wireless receiver on the central board is equipped with a polarization diversity antenna system for optimized reception in closed environments with high reflection phenomena (Wilma PRO Video integrates a double wireless receiver for the management of photo-pirs).4G LTE communicator on board for the management of alarm signals (push notifications and video notifications, voice and SMS messages) and for remote control of the User, via the Simplya Cloud APP, and remote management of the Installer, via CombiTec software . Prepared for the AmicaWeb Plus plug & play IP module and compatible with LAN modules on BUS, Smartweb and SmartWeb Video.Wilma PRO is able to manage 60 zones on 4 arming areas; up to 56 radio sensors and 4 wired sensors (4 on-board zones and / or indoor and outdoor BUS detectors).Compatible with the new Combivox VideoTauro BUS with video-alarm and video-control function, via Combivox Cloud Video.Integrated loudspeaker for the reproduction of audio messages, with siren function; it has 2 programmable OC outputs and 1 siren relay output. Compatible with the new Mini Sirya PRO CTW indoor and Sirya e-Sound CTW outdoor wireless sirens, battery powered.Up to 24 wireless home automation modules for controlling motorized automations and lights. BUS RS 485 for connecting wired modules (keypads, indoor and outdoor readers, siren, additional power supplies, BUS detectors, RT 868 PRO CTW receiver, etc.).

Dati Tecnici

Switching power supply 100-240 Vca; 13,8 V 1,6 A
Battery 12 V – 2.2 Ah
RS 485 serial lines 1
Max number of zones 60 (4+56)
Max number of on board zones 4
Max number of wireless zones 56
Areas 4
Systems 1
BUS Keypads 2
Proximity readers 2
Proximity key users 32
Keyboard users 32
LAN IP Module SI
Dialer GSM LTE/LAN (opz.)
Event log 2.048
Max number of outputs 2 (OC)+ 1 relè sirena
BUS sensors 4
Home autom. modules (wired/wireless) 24
BUS (outdoor/indoor) sirens 1
Wireless sirens 4
BUS Radio receivers 2
Scenarios / Environments 8/6
I/O delays 2
Radio controls 16
Combivox Cloud LAN/LTE
Control panel box (LxHxW in mm) 260 x 245 x 66


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