868 Mhz wireless system

A complete range of wireless two-way and multi-frequency accessories with automatic frequency skip on 868 MHz band is available for control panels Wilma, Eva 8.24, Elisa 24 and Amica (64, 128, 324).
All transmitters communicate with the control panels through one or more (up to 4) 868 MHz wireless receivers on RS485 BUS.
Thanks to the BUS connection, it is possible to know the main information, directly by the control panel keypad, of each transmitter of the system (alarm and tamper contacts opening status, battery low, keepalive report).
The wireless system in 868 MHz band developed by Combivox represents a real change in the field of wireless security systems since it uses an innovative transmission technique (AFS – Automatic Frequency Skip), which overcomes the limits of the traditional one-way single-frequency systems.
Combivox 868 Mhz wireless system, indeed, presents 2 main features.
a) bi-directionality to minimize power consumption and guarantee secure transmissions;
b) multi-frequency with automatic frequency skip (AFS): thanks to this new transmission technique, disturbances on the operating band are reduced, since alarm transmitter and receiver automatically choose the first channel available in case of accidental or intentional interference.

Distinctive features of Combivox 868 MHz wireless system:
1) Interference immunity: in case of disturbance, a different frequency is used for transmissions;
2) reliability: if an alarm signal has no confirmation of receipt, it is repeated until a confirmation is sent by the receiver (for one-way systems);
3) reduced power consumption of detectors by avoiding useless wireless transmissions;
4) encrypted authentication of the communication among devices;
5) result of operations: arming, disarming, output activation etc., carried out by an exclusive two-way keyfob are confirmed by a three-coloured led (orange, red and green).

For the full range of accessories, please see the list below.





62.013 Timoteo IN-W 868 IR volumetric detector

Timoteo IN-W 868 MHz

62.058 Magnet for transmitter (white)
62.057 Magnet for transmitter (brown)

Magnets for transmitters

62.069 Door/window contact 868MHz (white)
62.070 Door/window contact 868MHz (brown)

Timoteo CMRB and CMRM door/window contact

62.078 Wireless PIR curtain detector (white)
62.079 Wireless PIR curtain detector (brown)

868 MHz wireless curtain PIR detector

62.082 Shock detector (white)
62.080 Shock detector (brown)

Timoteo SRB – SRM 868 MHz

62.274 Iubeo 868 two-way keyfob

Iubeo 868 Mhz two-way keyfob

62.278 Velar - white
62.279 Velar - brown
61.839 Spare lithium battery 3.6V 2700 mA

Velar – 868 MHz DT curtain detector with anti-masking



61.004 Wireless repeater

868 MHz wireless repeater


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