Combivox S.r.l. was established in September 1999, when Mr. Antonio Emanuele Facecchia, the founder of his first company, called DAF Elettronica (1974), decided to involve his son Fulvio and his daughter Fabrizia in the business' management.
Mr. Facecchia was one of the Italian pioneers in the field of intrusion systems in1969.
The historic Combivox headquarters was in Triggiano, in the province of Bari, up to July 2014, year in which the company moved to the new plant in the industrial area of Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari). This event coincided with an increase of the workforce, which today counts more than 40 employees.
All the company departments are located in the new site: marketing office, sales and accounting office, Research and Development department, manufacturing and testing departments and the warehouse with raw materials and finished products.
The exponential growth of the company is due to a wide range of products, whose main features are safety, reliability, easy installation, accurate design, variety of colours and models.
A great company’s Know-how, acquired in the field of mobile telecommunications, permitted to manufacture revolutionary products that renewed the way of approaching security: the first European GSM phone dialer was introduced by Combivox in1992.
Combivox also realized the first alarm control panel with embedded GSM dialer, able to send event alarm signallings and manageable through speech menu: Combivox was the first company to introduce interactive speech devices, which simplifies their installing and usage.
To confirm its widely recognized success, the Combivox brand has been constantly renewed, keeping up with the times. Every restyling of the brand coincided with an increase of the product range. The aim was to achieve a highly innovative "brand image", that identifies the concept of "technological innovation", which is at the base of the company mission.





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Below are some of the innovative products manufactured by Combivox over the last thirty years that show the company engagement in finding new technological solutions able to satisfy the sector need for innovation and the customer growing requirements.


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