Premium SIM

The package Premium SIM service includes a COMBIVOX GSM SIM card, that can be used exclusively with control panels connected to the Cloud through integrated GSM-GPRS module, Data-enabled to access to Cloud Premium services, 30 minutes for voice calls and 100 SMS for 12 months.

Combivox SIM guarantees Roaming with the main operators of the country concerned, by switching on the one with the strongest signal, thus limiting the lack of GSM coverage.

At the expiry of the 12 months, it is possible to renew the package Premium SIM with a recharge.

Within the 12-month period, it will be possible to recharge the Voice traffic + SMS of, respectively, 15 minutes and 50 SMS, whose expiry coincides with the whole PREMIUM SIM package one.












71.237Premium SIM
71.23812 month- Premium SIM Renew
71.23915 minute- Voice minutes + 50 SMS Recharge